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2004 Honda Accord Lip Kit | Upgrade Your Car Today - Blog

2004 Honda Accord Lip Kit

Moderately priced, highly equipped, and extremely upgradeable, the Honda Accord is a favorite car throughout the automotive community, and especially among those who enjoy upgrading with aftermarket parts and accessories. The versatile 2004 model can be anything from a basic reliable daily driver or the ultimate modification monster to tinker with in your garage, and our 2004 Honda Accord Lip Kit is the perfect way to get started.

Outstanding Value

For well over a decade, the Honda Accord has been widely regarded as one of the best values on the market. In fact, the 2004 model is arguably the best midsized option available from that time period, consistently competing with the critically acclaimed Toyota Camry and Ford Taurus, and it has withstood the test of time remarkably well. When you buy a Honda, you know you are getting a vehicle that is going to be with you for many years to come as long as you take care of it. Our 2004 Honda Accord  Lip Kit gives you lasting protection for the exterior or your vehicle, guarding the body from pebbles, ice, and other common road debris. Click here to view our full selection of lip options.

A Pleasure to Drive

2004 Honda Accord Lip Kit

While reliability is the first word to come in when you think about the Honda Accord, handling is certainly a close second. Whether you choose the coupe or the sedan, you can anticipate a smooth and controlled feel with excellent acceleration, braking, and steering. Out of the box it may not be the sportiest or zippiest car on the block, some basic internal upgrades can definitely kick it up a few notches. The more common five-speed automatic shifting is a pleasure, but we recommend the precise and fluid manual transmission if you want something with a little more pep.

Excellent for Upgrading

The ’04 Honda Accord is like a blank canvas that can facilitate your wildest dreams and ideas. Common upgrades include larger/wider tires, better shocks/suspension, and of course engine upgrades for more speed, but those can be very expensive. The All-Fit 2004 Honda Accord Lip Kit is one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades out there, and it provides some seriously awesome aesthetic and performance improvements. Even if you have never modified a car before, our user-friendly Lip Kit is a great way to get your foot in the door.

2004 Honda Accord Lip Kit

What Is the All-Fit Lip Kit?

The 2004 Honda Accord Lip Kit is a better alternative to a chin spoiler, giving you the same lowered look and performance gains at a fraction of the price. This awesome kit reduces lift and increases downforce, effectively improving speed, handling, and fuel economy. It can be easily installed in 15-30 minutes using basic household tools, even if you don’t have any prior automotive experience. The rugged All-Fit Lip Kit also protects the body of your vehicle from road debris, and the durable, U.S.-manufactured rubber is made to last just as long as your vehicle does, if not longer.

Order the Universal All-Fit Lip Kit Today

Why pay more for less? Our 2004 Honda Accord Lip Kit is truly one of the best values in the industry. If you would like more information, please feel free to call our knowledgeable team at (619) 500-3669, or send us a message through our contact page and we will be sure to respond promptly. Take your 2004 Honda Accord’s style and performance to new heights with the awesome All-Fit Lip Kit. Order yours now.