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Coolest Car Mods to Try in 2018

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The end of the holiday season is here and we are set to enter a new year. Each fresh year brings a pressing question: what cool car mods are people using now? From classic car lip kits to cutting edge performance brakes, there are no shortage of fantastic car mod ideas out there for the new year. Whether you have some Christmas money to spend, or you have a low bank account after all of that gift giving, here are some great 2018 car mods to check out that won’t break the bank.

High Quality Lip Kit

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The classic car lip kit is never out of style, and countless automotive enthusiasts go straight to a lip kit every year for plenty of reasons. The lip kit fits the perfect profile for a cool car mod: this aftermarket part makes your car look sleek and attractive, no matter the body type.
Lip kits aren’t just about cosmetics either. Add-on lips protect car bumpers and side skirts from scrapes, bumps, and scratches that can happen anytime. Lips also contribute to the aerodynamic quality of the car body, freeing up resistance on the front end and allowing air to pass over the car uninterrupted. This results in greatly increased fuel efficiency among other things.
The best part about aftermarket lip kits is that they are very affordable. This type of performance and aesthetic improvement doesn’t usually come so easy. If you manage to find a high quality kit, as opposed to the temporary garage door bottom-style kits, your investment will last you the lifetime of the car.

Performance Brakes

Another cool car mod is upgraded brake pads. Just like the lip kit, this is a cost-effective mod that many people pass up without thinking about it. This certainly makes sense! You don’t really see your brakes too much, and they don’t make your car go faster. While not exciting, upgraded brakes do allow for better controlled braking, which is a must for any performance vehicle.
Being able to slow down quickly, smoothly, and with superior control is just as important as any type of speed or handling upgrade. This is not only essential for driving safety, but for the overall performance of your car on the road.The higher speeds your car is moving at, the better your brakes need to be at slowing it down.

Upgraded Bushings

Bushings are another cool car mod choice that often get neglected. Like brakes and lip kits, bushing kits are also very affordable, and they can do quite a bit for the handling of your car. Consider that your steering rack, sway bars, control arms, and body are all held together by bushings. Bushings that are deteriorating and flexing over time can greatly affect the car’s overall handling, and bushing quality directly affects steering, braking, and ride quality as well.
Rubber bushings are the typical factory standard for many car types. Unfortunately, rubber bushings are less responsive and prone to break down over time. You can do quite a bit for your car’s handling by upgrading to polyurethane bushings and installing them wherever you want the performance boost.

New Wheels

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Another cool car mod that provides a wide array of performance benefits for the cost is the aftermarket wheel. Plus, with a new wheel you can take advantage of the new year’s latest automotive styles.
It is one thing that aftermarket wheels look fantastic, but they also provide a surprising amount of performance improvements, depending on the type of wheel you get. For example, wider wheels allow for wider tires and greater traction, and lighter wheels allow for improved acceleration and braking.

Shop Now

2018 is upon us and it is time to think about what you want to do for your car. For a cool car mod, you can’t go wrong with upgraded wheels, bushings, brakes, or a car lip kit. All of these mods provide their share of performance upgrades without costing you an arm and a leg.
If you want to get started on your car today, All-Fit Automotive is your one-stop-shop for all of your aftermarket lip kit needs. Our lip kits provide the greatest value for their price, and are built to last your car’s lifetime. Click here to view our full selection of lip options or give us a call today at 619-500-3669 for more information.