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Front Bumper Lip – Upgrade Your Performance, Style

The Advantages of a Front Bumper Lip

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You don’t have to spend a fortune and completely rework your engine to improve the performance of your car! There are body modifications you can make to the car as well that will give you a performance boost. The great thing about a front bumper lip is that you can add one pretty easily to the body of your car. Just adding this simple modification can give you a sizable performance upgrade.

What is a Front Bumper Lip?

A front bumper lip is a thin lip or extension at the bottom of the car’s front bumper which gives the car a sleeker appearance and changes the way that outside air interacts with the car’s body. A bumper lip can come in several forms: as part of a body kit made of a rigid material like carbon fiber, or even as a rubber strip that can be installed directly on the existing body.

The Advantages of a Front Bumper Lip

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To understand what a front bumper lip does for the car’s performance, it is important to understand how air acts on the car and how the air can be directed to increase performance. When a car moves through the air, the displaced air takes two different routes: the air passes over the top of the car and passes underneath the car. The air passing over the top of the car is traveling a further distance, so it has a lower pressure than the air passing under the car. This pressure differential means high pressure air exerting itself underneath, with little resistance from above with the low pressure air, which results in lift.

At higher speeds, this force becomes even stronger, causing the front of the car to lift off of the ground, which reduces its traction. In extreme cases the car can lift off of the ground and flip over. What a front bumper lip does is disrupt the airflow underneath the car, which lowers the pressure of the air traveling underneath, resulting in downforce. This gives your car more traction on the road. This can also be conducive to better gas mileage.

The other advantage to a bumper lip is that it makes the car look good. It definitely makes the car look more sleek, especially combined with other body flourishes like spoilers, air dams, and vents.

Shop for Front Bumper Lips Today

Looking for a front bumper lip to upgrade your own car? You’d be surprised at how much one can improve the traction and general performance of your car on the road. Bumper lips are easy to install and they can be fitted on virtually any car. Shop for a bumper lip today.