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Easy Modifications For Your Honda | All-Fit Automotive

Lip Kit Perfect for Hondas

Modifying your Honda doesn’t have to be so hard. The process of trying to figure out the best Honda mods is a difficult one—you don’t want to compromise functionality and durability, but you’ve still got a budget in mind. Lucky for you, All-Fit Automotive offers a universal lip kit, perfect for Hondas, that is cost efficient, practical and looks great.

The universal lip kit is designed to attach to your vehicle’s front bumper, back bumper, and side skirts, similar to a chin spoiler that covers your entire car. All-Fit designed it to be both durable and flexible enough to fit any car’s bumper. The front lip serves to provide extra protection from the bumps and scratches that can accumulate on your Honda.

The universal lip kit comes in a variety of colors with three different sizes to choose from: click here to view the Traditional All-Fit Lip Kit, with a 1.5-inch overhang; the 2.5-inch Mid Lip; and the 3.5-inch Fat Lip.

Affordable, High-Quality Material

Best Honda Mods

The very best Honda mods are not only high-quality—they also don’t break the bank. All-Fit Automotive strives to produce their high-quality lip kits at affordable prices. While before the market was flooded with expensive or cheaply made products that were difficult to install, All-Fit’s universal lip kit is made from premium, U.S. manufactured material and sold at competitive prices.

Each lip kit for Honda comes with automotive grade tape pre-installed and heat bonded for a clean, permanent bond, corrosion resistant self-tapping screws, and custom stamped black nylon square washers. Customers have the option of buying the universal lip kits for front bumpers eight, nine, or 10 feet long. Protection for your Honda’s front bumper and side skirts (14 feet) is $60 and full, 360-degree protection, or 30 feet, is $110. Not only will the All-Fit lip kit save you money in the short term, but it can also help you save over the course of your car’s life—the addition of a lip kit improves the aerodynamics of your Honda, which can lead to better gas mileage.

Installation Made Simple

All-Fit’s lip kit for Honda also provides everything you need for installation included in the purchase. All-Fit Automotive, after seeing how many other lip kits on the market would require complex DIY or professional installations, strove to make the process as intuitive as possible.

The installation itself takes less than five minutes and requires only a screwdriver and a pair of scissors. Begin by cleaning your bumper then proceed to peel back the red 3M tape and slowly apply the lip to the lower portion of your Honda’s bumper. Cut a “V” in the lip to allow for a clean bend around the curved part of the bumper and cut off excess lip once it’s fully applied. After that, you have the option of installing the screws and washers included in the kit for a more secure installation—and then you’re done!

No more excuses—buy a universal lip kit for your Honda from All-Fit Automotive today!