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Enhancing Your Acura Legend with a Lip Kit | All-Fit Automotive

Acura Legend Lip Kit

Aptly named, the Acura Legend is truly a beast of legend among automotive enthusiasts who enjoy upgrading their vehicles. Acura is Honda’s luxury line, so Legend owners can enjoy a reliable vehicle that is simultaneously elegant and sporty. These days, older Acura Legends can be had at a relatively low price point, making them one of the best kept secrets out there. Of course, hardcore gearheads are always ahead of the curve, so it’s no surprise that our Acura Legend lip kit is so popular.

Take Your Handling to the Next level

The Acura Legend is known for its smooth handling even at high speeds. The All-Fit Lip Kit takes that concept to new heights by increasing down force and improving the vehicle’s overall aerodynamics. The lowered lip prevents airflow underneath the car that slows you down. Racers with limitless budgets often lower their vehicle or install  chin spoilers or front lip spoilers for this very reason. Our Acura Legend lip kit makes it possible for you to enjoy the same performance gains without the high price tag and hours of hassle.

Street Style at a Fraction of the Price

Black Acura Legend Lip Kit

Just as much as we all love hearing the roar of a modified engine; everyone appreciates the aesthetics of a heavily modified vehicle. After all, half the fun of driving in an aftermarket car is the looks you get as you ride down the street. The problem is that not everyone has the money to spend on typical lowering mods or spoilers. That’s where we come in. the All-Fit Acura Legend Lip Kit instantly lowers your bumper by 1.5 inches, giving you that street racing aesthetic at a fraction of the cost.

No Prior Experience Necessary

The All-Fit Lip Kit is a favorite among novices and experts alike because of its phenomenal ease of use. Everything you need is included, aside from a basic screwdriver and a pair of scissors. Even if you have never modified a vehicle before, you should be able to have your Acura Legend lip kit set up and ready for the road in 15 minutes or less. That means no waiting for your car to get out of the shop, and no paying for a mechanic to do the work for you. After all, modifying your car with your own two hands is the kind of rewarding experience that we live for.

Exceptional Quality

Acura Legend Lip Kit

The All-Fit Lip Kit is not one of those aftermarket mods that you have to fix or replace constantly. Rather, it should last for the entire life of your car under normal conditions, including extreme weather like rain, ice, and snow. As long as you don’t mistreat your vehicle, our durable Acura Legend lip kit will continue to stand strong year after year after year. Considering how effectively it protects your vehicle from road debris, this mod really is a no-brainer for anyone who has been known to shed a tear after noticing a new ding in the body.

Order Yours Today

Are you ready to boost your car’s performance and give it a unique custom look? Are you interested in boosting aerodynamics for better handling and fuel economy? If so, order the All-Fit Lip Kit through our secure website today. For further information, please feel free to give us a call at (619) 500-3669, or shoot us a message here. You have 30 days to return the Acura Legend lip kit if you have any problems, so place your order with complete confidence. Upgrade your Acura Legend with the All-Fit Lip Kit.