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Upgrade Your Z31 or Z32 with a Nissan 300zx Front Lip Kit | All-Fit Automotive

Enhance your Nissan with a 300zx front lip

The majority of sport cars today have a body style that is positioned low to the ground, especially those among the Grand Tourer class. Whether it’s the 300zx Z31 or Z32, this sports car class, and its underside, are vulnerable to bumps and scrapes from everyday driving. However, there are ways to protect your vehicle from this kind of exposure on the road, including installing a lip kit. To protect the front of your this classic, GT vehicle, for example, installing a Nissan 300zx front lip is the best choice.

Even the Best Cars

The Z31 was produced up until the late 80’s and the Z32 was only in production until 2000. This style of car may be considered a classic in some respect, but they still have many vulnerable parts.

The Z32 is still a spectacular car as evidenced by a 3-litre engine, dual overhead camshafts, and a 222 HP. It was even produced with a turbo option induced by the twin Garrett turbochargers and dual intercoolers. The turbo allowed for 300 HP and a 283 pound per foot of torque. The Z32 underwent a lot of changes in the late nineties to increase its popularity in the new millennium, but there were changes to the exterior that made the car vulnerable.

The only change an owner can make to either the Z31 or Z32 to limit the vulnerability is to upgrade your Nissan with a 300zx front lip. Even with a front lip, this car still has the grace and style to look and feel good on the road.

What is a Front Lip?

A front lip is also known as a chin spoiler and covers the entire front bumper of a vehicle. An aftermarket lip kit is a piece of rubber that attaches to your vehicle via heat bounded double-side tape. The quality of the lip depends entirely on the quality of the base material, the rubber from which it’s made.

The first lip kits seen by the car industry were produced from garage door sealer, with low quality rubber that didn’t have much durability. These lip kits couldn’t protect a vehicle from much when competing with the bumps and curves of the road, often shredding with no warning while driving. Now the industry has several companies that excel at creating lips kits.

Nissan 300zx Front Lip

If you have a Z31 or Z32, the only true way to protect and upgrade your Nissan is with a 300zx front lip. A front lip ensures your car is protected from roadside hazards and enhances the already sleek look of the vehicle.

A lip kit also slightly improves the performance of your car, improving aerodynamics and fuel economy. A lip kit achieves this by increasing the down force of a vehicle.

The All-Fit Specialty

All-Fit Automotive is a company that specializes in aftermarket car parts, their most popular product line is their All-Fit Lip Kits. With unsurpassed quality of material, All-Fit offers lip kits that stand strong against the curbs and scrapes of the road. They offer their lip kits in three different lengths and widths, in addition to 6 different colors.

Whether you want to upgrade your Nissan with a 300zx front lip or you want to put a complete kit on your entire car, the options are endless at All-Fit. Enhance your 300zx while adding protection to the underside of your classic lowered car. Click here to view our full selection of lip products.