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Update your Suzuki with an All-Fit Automotive Lip Kit

Choosing the best Suzuki modification for your car is tough – which modification will not only make your car look better, but will also be durable enough to last, enhance its performance, and improve its functionality? All-Fit Automotive has your answer: the universal Suzuki lip kit. Our lip kit is the ideal way to affordably enhance the performance of your car, while remaining durable and aesthetically pleasing.

High-Quality Design with a Universal Fit

Suzuki modifications from All-Fit Automotive are designed for flexibility, meaning they can be installed on any bumper, no matter how uniquely shaped. For maximum protection, we recommend a full wrap, but we also offer kits for just your front or rear bumper, or just the side skirts of your car. We also have options for the width of the lip for your car: click here to choose from the Traditional All-Fit Lip Kit, with a 1.5-inch overhang; the 2.5-inch Mid Lip, our most popular option; or the 3.5-inch Fat Lip. No matter which Suzuki lip kit you pick, it’s going to fit your bumper perfectly.

Easy Performance Enhancement

Our Suzuki lip kit does more than just protect your bumper from the wear and tear of driving: it can improve the aerodynamics of your car. So while it’s protecting your car from bumps, scrapes, and nicks to your bumper, this Suzuki modification can improve the handling of your car and the fuel efficiency. Our lip kits multitask to provide you with great performance enhancements without breaking the bank.

Suzuki lip kit

Hassle-Free, Lasting Installation

Every Suzuki lip kit comes with exactly what you need for an easy installation. We’ve pre-installed and heat-bonded automotive grade tape to ensure a lasting bond, and include corrosion-resistant self-tapping screws and custom-stamped black nylon square washers for an even more secure installation. To top it off, you don’t need any specialty tools for this Suzuki modification—just a pair of scissors, a screwdriver, and 30 minutes and your car’s all set.

Not only is the installation built to last, but the lip kit itself is made from the highest-quality materials. We take pride in our product, so you can enjoy the enhancement to both the looks of your car as well as the performance. All-Fit Automotive is the go-to place for the best lip kits on the market.

If you have any questions about our universal lip kits or the installation of our product, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team. Or, check out our Instagram for awesome pictures of cars with our lip kits installed – we’re sure you’ll see something you like.