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BMW M3: Upgrade Your M3 with an All-Fit Automotive Lip Kit

BMW M3 lip The BMW M3 is an icon in the automotive world, and this timeless vehicle has garnered a loyal following since it was first introduced in 1985. The M3 is the quintessential BMW, offering luxury features, high-octane performance, and understated style in a stunning package. Today, knowledgeable car enthusiasts continue to buy M3s for a number of reasons. Coupled with an All-Fit BMW M3 lip kit, a BMW M3 can be a surprisingly affordable option for those who want high-end performance at a reasonable price point.

True Versatility

The beauty of a BMW M3 is that it is equally at home on the race track or commuting to and from work. This critically lauded vehicle is the only car to earn more titles than the world famous Porsche 911 in Motorsport, and it remains the most successful touring and grand touring vehicle in racing of all time, as of 2015. This versatile car is reliable, fast, and powerful, and it also can be upgraded to meet any owner’s requirements and preferences. Many new M3 owners immediately install a BMW M3 lip kit to easily boost performance and aesthetic value.

Understated Style

The BMW M3 takes a more refined approach to performance-driven vehicles, unlike the Porsche 911 which is more of a one-trick pony. Quite simply, the BMW M3 will never go out of style. The M3 achieves a very difficult feat – looking elegant and sporty at the same time. With a BMW M3 lip upgrade, the aesthetic value increases significantly. Whether you want a vehicle for commuting to the office, racing around the track, or modifying with aftermarket customization parts, you can expect superior performance from an M3.

Driving Performance

Aptly called “the ultimate driving machine,” a BMW M3 just feels right. Few other vehicles offer the kind of pure and clear driving experience that you get from the precision German engineering. The M3 is known for its controllable, smooth drifting capabilities, as well as its responsive handling and exceptional body control. Many BMW enthusiasts prefer the older BMW M3 models for their unique feel and unrivaled overall driving experience. M3s also provide tremendous power and torque, and some models are able to go from 0-60 in 5 seconds flat.

Upgrade with an All-Fit Lip Kit

BMW M3s are ideal for modifying, and a lip kit is the perfect choice. A lip kit gives the M3 an appearance of being lowered, providing a highly appealing look – but that is only the beginning. A BMW M3 lip kit drastically improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics, which means more speed and better performance, as well as much better gas mileage. A lip kit also protects your bumper from unforeseen obstacles on the road. Few other upgrades provide so much for such a low price.

Order an All-Fit Lip Kit Today

Our rugged lip kits fit on nearly all vehicles, and installing them is simple. In less than 15 minutes you can gave your lip kit installed and ready to go, using only some basic household tools. The BMW M3 lip kit is extremely durable, ensuring that you get years of enjoyment out of it. If you would like more information about the All-Fit Lip Kit, you can contact us online anytime, or simply call us at 619-500-2669. Improve your BMW M3 with a lip kit upgrade today, click here to view our full selection of lip options!