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Upgrade with 98 Accord Lip Kits from All-Fit Automotive

How to Make Your Old Accord Look New

It’s well known that the Honda Accord is one of the most popular and reliable mid-sized cars on the market. Accords are quality cars that last and last, and for this reason there are still a lot of older ones on the road.

Just because your ride is a little older doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and have high performance. A simple change like installing a 98 Accord lip kit can update an older car and make it look fresh. Check out our tips for keeping your older Accord looking its best.

Exterior Upgrades

honda accord lip kit

The first thing anyone notices about your car is the exterior, so it pays to keep it looking good. Luckily, there are several fairly inexpensive modifications that can keep your older-model Accord looking its best.

Headlights and taillights are often a dead giveaway of a car’s age. If your lights are cloudy, cracked, or simply not performing as they should, consider replacing them with a modern upgrade like LED headlamps.

You’ll also want to pay attention to your tires and rims as old factory wheels can really date your car. Look into upgrades. There are lots of options including alloys and performance wheels that will make your car look great and drive even better.

A lot of drivers like the appearance of a lowered body, but it can be an expensive and time-consuming modification. With a 98 Accord lip kit from All-Fit Automotive, you can achieve the look of lowering your Accord by 1.5” without the high price tag. With us, it’s easy to find a 98 Accord lip kit and kits that fit almost any make and model. All-Fit Automotive lip kits install quickly for an instant upgrade.

Interior Upgrades

Honda Accord Dashboard

It’s easy to focus on the outside of your ride, but don’t neglect the interior! Certain areas of the interior show wear more than other like floor mats, seat upholstery, and the steering wheel.

Replace or recover these worn parts to help the interior of your Accord look like new. While you’re at it, upgrading the sound system in your Accord can help it be on par with newer models. New gauges also add a custom touch—as can swapping out dated-looking pedals and knobs.

Care and Maintenance

No matter how old your car is, it will always look better when it is clean and well maintained. Make sure you wash and detail your car regularly. Take the time to pay attention to the details—clean rims, a fresh coat of wax, and sparkling windows will go a long way toward making your car look newer.

You can protect your car by adding a lip kit to prevent scrapes and damage around the bottom of your bumper and skirts. Whether you need a 98 Accord lip kit, a 2001 Accord lip kit, or any other model, All-Fit Automotive has you covered with an affordable Universal Lip Kit, click here to view our full selection of lip options.