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RSX Front Lip: All-Fit Has All the Facts on Upgrades

With so many great aftermarket car accessories out there today, here at All-Fit Automotive we frequently get questions about how our product measures up.

While we take great pride in our product, there’s no harm in informing buyers of other options available. After all, a well-informed customer is the best kind to have. If you have all the facts, we’re honestly confident you’re more likely to go with our product anyway.

Should You Get a Front Lip?

A lot of people invest in a front lip as an affordable aftermarket accessory that can be self- installed and a front lip is great if you want to add an aggressive, street-ready look to your car.

In addition, there is a protective element to this accessory. A front lip can protect your car’s bumper from scratches, scrapes and road rash, adding to the quality of appearance over the long run. Of course, there are many types of front lips.

For instance, the RSX Front Lip is a great option for some, but it definitely is not for everyone. Find out why below.

The RSX Front Lip

The RSX Front Lip is a polyurethane front bumper lip spoiler like any other. So just what makes the RSX Front Lip so special? Well, for starters, this particular front lip is perfectly customized for the Acura RSX model. But that means that you wouldn’t want to buy this if you had any other car.

What’s more, even if you had the Acura RSX and wanted a front lip, you might not want to buy this particular product because there are plenty of universal lip kits out on the market that could fit your car just fine and probably don’t cost as much.

The All-Fit Automotive Difference

The All-Fit Lip Kit is an excellent option for those car owners who just have to have a new lip for their front bumper. We even have kits made especially for side skirts and rear bumpers too, to complete your car’s look.

The best part is that the All-Fit Lip Kit is universal—it can fit any normal-sized bumper, no matter the make or model of the car.

Enhance the look and aerodynamics of your car without emptying your wallet. The All-Fit Lip Kit can make a huge difference in the appearance and quality of your ride. You love your car, so why not pull out all the stops to make riding it that much better? Click here to view our full selection of lip options.

Great Service Is Second Nature

Unlike some other anonymous online sellers, All-Fit Automotive takes pride in our customer service and we’re always available by phone or email for concerns or questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues with our product and we’ll be happy to help.

Whether you end up going with an RSX Front Lip or something more universal like the All-Fit Lip Kit, check back in with this blog for more information about hot new aftermarket accessories and how you can enhance the appearance of your car without breaking the bank.