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Miata Front Lip Makes a Great Enhancement

10 Performance Enhancements for Your Car

All-Fit Automotive is proud to be a source of one of these great auto upgrade options, but to make a complete list of smart performance enhancements that you could put on your car today, let’s cover some of what’s out there:

#10) Add a Front Lip

A hot accessory like the front lip can really turn heads as your car drives down the street. Lips made specifically for certain cars, like the Miata Front Lip, can give your car an aggressive, street-ready look while simultaneously adding to the aerodynamics of the front bumper, resulting in extra speed and a whole lot more edginess. All-Fit Automotive has the best deal on a universal lip kit, but there are excellent custom products like the Miata Front Lip out there as well. Click here to view our full selection of lip options.

#9)Turbocharge Your Engine

For those who are not too familiar with cars, this might sound like something that only happens in cartoons, but Turbochargers are very real: Turbochargers are forced induction systems that dramatically increase engine power.

#8) Boost the Bass

Another customization that may entice a significant crowd is the ability to add subwoofers to your amplifier in order to get your car bumping with your favorite tunes.

#7) Upgrade Your Horsepower with Cold Air Intake

You can upgrade your engine’s cold air intake by installing a simple bolt-on kit that consists of a conical air filter fitted onto a metal inlet pipe. It’s inexpensive and a proven way to wring more power out of your engine.

#6) 1/8-inch AUX-in Plug

Sometimes when you want to hear a specific song, your car radio just doesn't cut it. However, because of this enhancement, you can plug in anything from your phone to your IPod, or even your old Sony Discman into your car stereo, boosting your listening options.

#5) Computer Chips

Aftermarket chips made by Hypertech and A’PEXi can boost output, leading to a faster ride, but prices may vary.

#4) Performance Exhaust Pipes

Putting in high performance exhaust pipes will provide optimum flow rate from the exhaust and help the car’s fuel economy, saving you pain at the pump.

#3) Overhead DVD Player/Monitor Combo

This is a great, affordable option for car owners with kids who need to keep them occupied on long trips.

#2) A Satellite Radio Receiver

The almost limitless options that are afforded by satellite radio will make you wonder how you ever lived without it before. The Delphi Roady XT and other products like it are an affordable way to up your game in the tunes department.

#1) Nitrous Oxide System

Nitrous Oxide can provide spurts of up to 500 horsepower per injection by pumping more oxygen into the manifold and allowing more fuel to burn in a quicker amount of time. If you have a sporty car like the Mazda Miata, pop a Miata Front Lip on the bumper and you’ll be flying in no time.

Whether it’s a simple fix like installing a customized lip on your car like the Miata Front Lip, or something more elaborate like going with a nitrous system, check in with All-Fit Automotive for tips and tricks to keep you riding in style without breaking the bank.