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Custom Car Body Kits | Improve Your Ride for Less Today

Custom Body Kits

You don’t need to pay a fortune to customize your car. With a little research and planning, it’s totally possible to get that custom street racing look – even on a tight budget. Our surprisingly affordable custom car body kits are far and away the best alternative to overpriced and over-hyped chin spoilers. After all, what’s the point of spending a hefty chunk of change when you can get the same look and benefits with the All-Fit Lip Kit?

We’re going to give you an in-depth look at how our unique body kits work, the advantages they provide, and much more. After that, we’ll even introduce you to some other innovative ways to modify your ride without breaking the bank. Our goal is to make the sweetest car upgrades fit even the tightest budget, without ever sacrificing our famous commitment to quality. Let’s get started.

What Is the All-Fit Lip Kit?

Our rugged and stylish custom car body kits are aftermarket parts that attach directly to the front bumper, rear bumper, and sideskirts of your car, providing a cool lowered look that improves aerodynamics and protects the bottom of your car from damage. Lowering your vehicle or installing spoilers is expensive and time-consuming, and the All-Fit Lip Kit is the clear solution for beginners and professionals alike. With the All-Fit Lip Kit, you can lower your car by 1.5, 2.5, or even 3.5 inches. We also offer additional custom options with our traditional, mid, or fat lip.

Made using only the highest quality rubber materials for incredible durability and flexibility, the All-Fit Lip Kit is going to last for the long haul. Our experts have spent a tremendous amount of time researching the best possible materials to use for our kits, and the results speak for themselves. Properly installed, our body kits can outlast your vehicle. That means you never have to worry about maintenance or replacements, making it a truly outstanding one-time investment.

Is the All-Fit Lip Kit Compatible with Your Car?

Why waste your time and money hunting down aftermarket parts that are difficult to find and cost a fortune? Our universal lip kit fits virtually any vehicle out there. The beauty of our product is the form-fitting rubber that combines durability and flexibility so you can use it confidently on any vehicle. If you’re not convinced, just give us a call and our experts will be able to walk you through the installation process.

Installing Your All-Fit Lip Kit

For detailed instructions on installing the All-Fit Lip Kit, we recommend watching our handy installation video. Proper installation is crucial, and fortunately for you it’s also a breeze. As an added bonus, you don’t need to go out and buy or borrow any expensive tools. All you really need to attach our custom car body kits is pair of household scissors, but we recommend having a screwdriver on hand to instal screws and washers for increased stability.

1. Start by thoroughly cleaning the bottom of your car’s bumper, ideally with isopropyl alcohol. Give it a few minutes to dry completely.
2. Next, simply unpeel the red tape covering to expose the sticky tape, and apply the lip firmly to the bumper.
3. As you approach each corner, take your scissors and cut a “V” shape into the rubber. This lets is curve cleanly around the bumper for a seamless look.
4. At the end of the bumper, use the scissors to cut off the excess material.
5. Finally, finish the job by installing a screw and washer (included) every foot or so.

That’s it! You should be ready to take your newly upgraded ride for a spin in just 15 minutes. Of course, if you have any questions at all about the installation process, our friendly experts are ready to assist you.

The Benefits

The most obvious reason to use our custom car body kits is the customized look that turns heads when you drive down the street. For many automotive enthusiasts, a car is a point of pride, and upgrading it with aftermarket parts is a great way to make your vehicle uniquely yours. If you are the type of person who considers your car to be a major part of your lifestyle, the All-Fit Lip Kit is for you. Here are some of the other advantages you can look forward to:

Improved Aerodynamics for Better Handling

The All-Fit Lip Kit effectively reduces speed-hindering airflow under your car speed and boosts down force so you can really hug every turn. If you’ve ever felt like you car’s stability was compromised on a windy day, the All-Fit Lip Kit can help. Talk to anyone who races cars and you will hear the same thing over and over: aerodynamics matter. You don’t need to be a racecar driver to appreciate the feel of an upgraded vehicle.

Save Some Cash by Boosting Fuel Economy

Improved aerodynamics does more than just increase speed and handling. The same airflow that causes drag and slows down your car also hurts your gas mileage. It’s no secret that gas is expensive, and our body kits reduce how often you need to fill up. While the savings may seem minor, think about how many times you have been to the gas station, and how many more visits are yet to come. Even a few cents really adds up over time.

Protect Your Vehicle from Damage

Custom Wide Bosy Kit

One rogue pebble can cause serious damage to your vehicle. The roads are full of debris, and our custom car body kits help to safeguard the bottom of your car. Even if you don’t ever plan to sell your ride, it’s a good idea to keep the resale value high just in case. Plus, who wants to look at a preventable eyesore day after day? Our rugged kit lets you enjoy driving worry-free.

DIY Projects Are Fun

There is something so rewarding about using your own two hands to modify your car. The great thing about the All-Fit Lip Kit is that it is appropriate for car lovers of all skill levels. In fact, our body kits are the perfect starting point for anyone who is looking to enter the world of aftermarket car parts. If you don’t have a garage full of tools at your disposal, don’t worry. All you need to get the job done right is a pair of household scissors and a screwdriver.

Other Budget-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Car’s Look and Performance

The All-Fit Lip Kit is the ultimate upgrade for gearheads who want to modify their vehicles on the cheap, but there are other steps that you can take that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Our custom car body kits look best when used on vehicles that have clearly been cared for, so why not do it right? Nothing looks quite as stunning as a crisp and clean car with our lip kit attached, so go ahead and hose it down or take it for a spin at the wash. Here are some more tips to get your car looking and feeling fantastic on the cheap:

Get Rid of Unnecessary Cargo

It doesn’t cost a cent to clean your car, but the rewards can be extraordinary. Of course, the most obvious reason to give your car a good going over is simply because a clean car looks nice, but you may actually be able to squeeze some more performance gains out of it. If you’re hauling unnecessary weight day after day, your car’s performance and fuel economy suffer. Pop your trunk, and clear out the junk.

Clean the Interior

It’s funny how some people are insanely meticulous about how their car looks, then you get inside and it’s a mess. Just a few minutes of cleaning can make a huge difference. Start by getting rid of any trash, and be sure to check under the seats. Next, take a vacuum with a hose attachment and get all of that dust, sand, and dirt out of there. Do this at least once per week and it should only take a minute or two to enjoy having the cleanest car on the block.

Inflate Your Tires

If you don’t have a tire gauge, get one now. Considering how crucial the tires are to a vehicle’s overall performance, it’s astonishing how often they are overlooked. Many car owners have a set-it-and-forget-it mentality when it comes to tires, forgetting that maintenance is essential. Over time, your tires are naturally going to lose air pressure, which is going to slow you down, diminish handling, and worsen gas mileage. For around a dollar you can go to a local station and fill up your tires, making it one of the easiest and most cost-effective upgrades besides our custom car body kits.

Car Headlight

Buff Your Car’s Headlights

Another commonly overlooked problem is cloudy headlights. Over time, like any window, mirror, or other glass surface, your headlights are going to get dirty. Not only do cloudy lights look lame, but they can be dangerous. Start by washing your lights with standard glass cleaner and a rag. After that, apply toothpaste to a different rag and buff those lights using some serious elbow grease. It may sound strange, but it works!

The All-Fit Difference

We proudly offer the best value for high-quality custom car body kits, but that isn’t all. What sets us apart from the rest is our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer support. We want you to be quick to recommend our product to your friends, and we go to great lengths to make sure that your experience with All-Fit is 100% positive every step of the way.

Our Staff Is Happy to Assist You

We aren’t just here to facilitate your purchase. We want you to be thrilled with our custom car body kits, and proper installation is the key to lasting enjoyment. If you have any questions about installing our product, maintenance, or anything at all, we encourage you to get in touch. Our knowledgeable experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We are only a phone call or email away, so buy with confidence knowing that we offer truly phenomenal customer support.

Fast and Affordable Shipping

We ship most orders within 2 business days, and you should receive your custom car body kits within 3-5 days of placing your order. We offer free shipping on all U.S. orders over $99, and we will happily ship to anywhere in the world that has a confirmed shipping address.

30 Day Return Policy

We are confident that you will be thrilled with our custom car body kits, but if you have any problems at all, don’t worry – we provide a 30 day window for returns. Just get in touch and we will walk you through the easy, quick process.

Contact Us with Ease

At All-Fit Automotive, we make it a point to be accessible. You may reach our dedicated team by phone at (619) 500-3669, or shoot us a message through our contact page for a fast response online. We also encourage you to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for relevant and timely content. Our informative blog is also a fantastic resource for gearheads of all skill levels.

Place Your Order Today

You won’t find a better way to customize your ride at any price. We are proud to offer a product that really delivers at a price point that anyone can afford, so place your order with complete confidence. For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message online. Upgrade your car for less with our high-quality custom car body kits, click here to view our full selection of lip options.

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