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Integra Type R Lip Kit | Increase Performance Today

Integra Type R lip kit

The Honda Integra Type R has gained quite a following since it was first introduced in Japan in 1992. Today, the company is known for exceptional quality and performance, as well as elegant and understated designs. The Type R in particular has really become a cult classic, and today it is one of the most popular vehicles for aftermarket modifications, like an Integra Type R lip kit. Here are a few of the benefits that Type R owners can enjoy.

Exceptional Performance

The “R” in Type R stands for Racing, so you can imagine that the company’s focus was purely on performance, with a powerful engine, lightweight components, improved brakes, a tuned suspension system, and much more, the Type R is made to appeal to those who demand performance and power. Few other vehicles offer the power, speed, and torque of a Honda Integra Type R, and an Integra Type R lip kit is a great way to take that performance to the next level.

Dependable Parts

Honda is widely regarded as one of the most dependable automotive companies out there, and the Type R does not disappoint in that respect. It is a well-known fact that buying a lemon usually ends up costing more than buying a quality vehicle in the first place, and Honda owners realize this. The Type R can be used day after day and year after year as a daily commuter, or it can be used and abused on the racing track with minimal repairs required.

Ideal for Customization

Many hobbyists buy Type Rs and turn them into completely custom vehicles. Upgraded and modified Honda Type Rs have become iconic in the street racing and amateur racing circuits, and the low price point allows car enthusiasts on a budget to save some cash for aftermarket components. Installing an Integra Type R lip kit is one of the best ways to improve performance, looks, and fuel mileage without damaging the vehicle or breaking the budget.

Customize a Type R with a Lip Kit

A Lip Kit gives your vehicle the appearance of being lowered, without the performance loss and high cost. Besides providing an awesome sporty/street aesthetic, an All-Fit Lip Kit improves fuel economy and overall performance and handling by making your vehicle more aerodynamic. Additionally, an Integra Type R lip kit prevents your bumper from being damaged by the rigors of the road. When you consider the low cost and easy installation, buying an All-Fit Lip Kit really is a no-brainer.

Order a Quality Lip Kit Today

Informed automobile enthusiasts choose All-Fit  Lip Kits because they recognize true value. We provide professional-quality performance at a discount price, and we never sacrifice quality to keep our prices down. Our lip kits fit most vehicles on the market, and they can be easily installed in under 15 minutes. For more information on our Integra Type R lip kit, or if you have any other questions, call us at 619-500-3669, or contact us through our website. Upgrade your Type R with an All-Fit Lip Kit today!