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Upgrade Your Car to the 21st Century with These DIY Tips

If you’ve got your heart set on a high-performance BMW but don’t have the money, have no fear. There are plenty of affordable ways to bring the car you do have into the 21st Century.

Install a Lip

If you’re looking for a new lip, like an STi front lip for your Subaru Impreza, you’ve already stumbled upon an affordable way to make your car look very cool very fast. The STi front lip is a popular choice for many compact cars and sports cars because it adds instant style and flair. Of course, there are a ton of different lip options out there, and All-Fit Automotive has some of the best; we offer them at prices much greater than the standard STi front lip, but with all the style and function that you would expect.

Improve Your Tires

Getting new tires improves your car’s handling and makes it feel brand new, even if it isn’t. The most important things to think about when getting new tires are durability and functionality in your climate.

Better Handling on the Cheap

Things like sway bars and shocks and struts are perfect accessories that won’t put a hole in your wallet. A sway bar is a metal bar that stiffens the car’s chassis, improving cornering. Shocks and struts keep your car from jostling on the road. If your car has over 50,000 miles on it, it might be time for a new set. You’ll be happy you got it.

Consolidate Your Technology

Just because your car was built before all the recent developments in technology doesn’t mean you need to be left in the dark. Simple upgrades like a two-port USB adapter and a Smartphone Dock don’t cost much and can make your life easier.

Upgrade Your Audio

If your car has a CD player but no tape deck, you can upgrade using an FM transmitter, or, more easily, by buying an aftermarket stereo system.

If your car is stuck with only a tape deck, ironically, you may find it even easier to upgrade. By using a simple cassette adapter you could be in business in no time.

Throw in a Tablet

Of course you’ll need to spring to buy a tablet to make this happen, but the other accessories needed to computerize your car are not all that complicated.

You’ll also need a car tablet mount. We recommend going with a gooseneck stand, as it’s inexpensive and not complicated to install.You can also install the tablet in your dashboard, but it’s more complicated.

Live in the Now

Thankfully we live in a time when you can trick your old car out with a new computer or sizzling new audio speakers without breaking the bank. It may not be the same as buying a brand new Beemer, but by upgrading the tires, struts, or even buying a new front lip from All-Fit Automotive, the journey to building a better car affordably is definitely worth the trip.