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The Honda Fit Gets a Major Facelift

Since its introduction in 2006, the Honda Fit subcompact has developed a small but loyal fan base that appreciates its quirky styling, sharp handling, and value-based price point. For 2015, Honda has invested in a revamp of this tiny coupe that promises big changes in appearance and performance.

New Styling

Honda Fit

The current Honda Fit has a distinctive, recognizable style—the diminutive car boasts sweeping lines, bubbly curves, a steep windshield, and a curved hatchback. It certainly doesn’t look like anything else on the road, which is something that many Fit owners appreciate.A Honda lip kit can lower the Fit giving it a more streamlined appearance while protecting the bumpers from wear and tear and damage.

The new Fit retains much of the iconic styling of the current car. It also adds some character lines and a shoulder over the rear of the vehicle to give it a more squat stance. Inside the vehicle, Honda has updated the controls by adding control buttons to the steering wheel for volume and tuning. The cabin room has also been slightly increased, which drivers and passengers are sure to appreciate. The 2015 Fit has an extra 4.8 inches of legroom in the backseat.

Upgraded Performance

Honda didn’t just focus on looks when upgrading the 2015 Fit. The new model also offers tight steering making it a pleasure to handle. The 1.6L, 130 horsepower four-cylinder engine provides just enough pep for the small, lightweight vehicle. Reviewers report that the new Fit is fun to drive and provides a well-tuned ride that feels expensive.

Yellow Honda Fit

As with many of its models, Honda focused on fuel efficiency with the Fit. The new 2015 Fit boasts an economical 32 MPG city and 38 MPG highway. However, this efficiency is not without drawbacks—one potential negative reviewers mentioned is that the new Fit may not have a great deal of acceleration especially in situations like merging onto the highway.

Continued Value

Honda Fit Symbol

One of the factors that attracted many drivers to the current Fit is its reasonable sticker price and low cost of ownership. The new model is no exception. Honda has managed to upgrade the features and styling of the Fit without sacrificing affordability—a combination that is sure to be a winner. The 2015 Honda Fit starts at just over $15,000 and can be very well equipped for around $20,000.

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