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Is Now the Time to Buy a Honda Accord?

Are you in the market for a new car? If you’ve looked even casually at a mid-size sedan, chances are the Honda Accord has caught your eye. This prolific import seems to be everywhere. It has enjoyed strong sales in the US for almost forty years and is available in a variety of styles and options. Keep reading to see why the Accord might just be your next new car.

America’s Sweetheart

Over 50,000 new Honda Accords were sold in August 2014 alone. Reliability, great safety ratings, and technologically advanced features have made the Accord a consumer favorite. Add to that an affordable starting price of under $25,000 well equipped, and it’s easy to see why the Accord is one of the best-selling cars in the US.

The versatile Accord is also popular because it can be easily and fairly inexpensively modified to improve performance, aesthetic, and durability. Aftermarket parts like light kits, body kits, and trims are widely available. Here at All-Fit Automotive, a 2013 Honda Accord lip kit is a popular choice for both vehicle protection and added style.

Value and Style

Honda Accord

Thanks to its widespread popularity and increased pressure from competitors like the Toyota Camry, Honda is investing in the Accord more than ever. The 2015 Honda Accord will be available in a staggering eight different trim packages. Recently added features include Bluetooth compatibility, backup cameras, and touch screens. Of course, you can also add a 2013 Honda Accord lip kit from All-Fit Automotive to complete your stylish ride!

Honda Accord Lip Kit

Why Now Is the Time

There’s nothing like a little healthy competition, and that’s exactly what the Accord is getting from rivals like the Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata. As a result, dealerships are offering more incentives than ever to sell Accords. Right now, the average dealer incentive on a new Honda Accord is over $2,000.

It also pays to get in a new Accord if you are concerned with gas mileage and maintenance costs of your vehicle. The latest Accords boast excellent fuel efficiency: between 26-29 MPG combined, varying by model. Accord also claims one of the lowest costs of ownership in its class. Add to that the high reliability of the Accord, and you just may find yourself spending a lot less on repairs.

With that extra cash in your pocket, why not check out some upgrades to make your Accord stand out from the crowd? All-Fit Automotive is proud to offer premium accessories to add style to your ride. A 2013 Honda Accord lip kit is a great choice to lower your car, protect your bumper, and freshen your car’s appearance. Click here to check out our full selection of lip options.