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Honda is About to Become Android-Friendly

Customization to Hondas is nothing new. Lots of drivers go for upgraded gauges, light packages, and Honda lip kits. But what if you could customize your Honda’s dashboard options with apps and preferences the same way you do with your Android phone? It’s not just a crazy idea: it’s the premise behind the new Honda Connect.

As mobile technology becomes more and more integrated into our lives, it’s only natural that it also become integrated into our cars. To that end, Honda has recently revealed that upcoming models of its vehicles will be equipped with Honda Connect—an “infotainment” system based on the Android platform.

About Honda Connect

Infotainment systems in automobiles are not new. In fact, every new car in Europe is now equipped with internet connection. However, Honda will be the first manufacturer to bring an Android-based infotainment system to market.

Honda Connect will include navigation capabilities, audio system control, cabin control, car status, and camera display. The driver will interface with the system through a 7” wide touch screen embedded in the dashboard of the vehicle.

Honda Dashboard

As part of the introduction of Honda Connect, Honda will unveil its new Honda App Center. Drivers will be able to choose and download apps relevant to their interests to customize their experience with Honda Connect.

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The Android Platform

One downside to the introduction of Honda Connect is that the infotainment system is not built on the recently released (and technologically advanced) Android Auto platform. Rather, Honda Connect uses the older Android 4.0.4.

The integration of an auto infotainment system is complex, and Honda started down this path long before Android Auto was available. However, it is possible that upgrades to the new platform may be available down the road.

Availability in Mass Production

With all the hype about Honda Connect, the next natural question is, when is it available? For our friends in Europe, Honda Connect is available in 2015 models of CR-V, Civic, and Civic Tourer. Those of us in the US will have to wait a little longer—a release date for Honda Connect in US models has not been announced.

Honda Universal Lip Kit

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