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What You Need to Know about the 2015 Honda Accord

The beloved Honda Accord has a decades-long history as one of the most popular mid-size cars on the market. With sales volume rivalled only by the Toyota Camry, the Accord is a prolific part of the American automobile landscape. Based on initial reviews and reactions to the new 2015 Accord models, this isn’t likely to change any time soon.

Features of the New 2015 Accord

For 2015, Honda has beefed up the features that come standard on the Accord models. Perks like rear view cameras, automatically dimming mirrors, and integrated garage door openers are now standard on many models. Consumers are sure to appreciate these extras—especially given the Accord’s reasonable price tag.

Honda Accord 2015

As far as looks go, Honda didn’t make any major changes in the exterior styling of the Accord. The 2015 model is very similar in appearance to the 2014. Freshening the look of your 2014 model, by upgrading the wheels or adding a 2014 Accord lip kit, will actually make its appearance quite comparable to the brand-new 2015 Accord.

The 2015 Accord models have some slight tweaks to the front grille. Honda has also included alloy wheels as standard on all sedan models. Other than that, consumers won’t notice many changes from the traditional design.

2015 Accord Performance

The Accord has often been lauded for its exceptionally smooth ride and handling, and the 2015 models will be no exception. The standard engine in the base model 2015 Accord is a 2.4L four cylinder with 185 horsepower. Upgraded models will get a 3.5L V6 with a whopping 278 horsepower.

Additionally, the independent multi-link rear suspension improves the handling of the Accord. And the MacPherson strut front suspension helps the Accord hug the road and adds stability.The 2015 model promises a smooth ride and easy cornering.

Honda also continues its tradition of fuel economy. The 2015 Accord sedan, coupe, and hybrid models all offer a competitive fuel economy that is among the best in their class of vehicle.

Get the Look

Honda Accord 2015 Lip Kit

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