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Top Ten Cars of 2017 – Best Makes

Top 10 Cars of 2017 – Makes

Making a list of the top cars of 2017 is tough because there are so many aspects that go into making a car great. For some people, it’s affordability or reliability. Others are looking for pure aesthetics or luxury. There’s speed, customization options, and more. Of course, this all gets even more complicated when brand loyalties come into play. As a result, this list will have a mixture of all of these things. Here are our top 10 Car Makes of 2017, in no specific order:



In 2017, Lexus created several of the most reliable cars on the market, and they did it with style. The LS, GS, and GS Hybrid have all been commended for their reliability. Speed lovers might be a little disappointed with this pick because, as reported by Car and Driver, the acceleration of the Lexus IS does not hold up to some of its closest competitors. Still, there’s certainly something to be said about being able to trust what you’re driving, and that cements a spot for Lexus on this list.


Many Mazda owners are very happy with their purchases this year, which is exactly why the brand is on our list of top cars of 2017. They have an excellent selection of crossovers, including the CX-3, CX-5, and the CX-9. For those looking for a smaller option, the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 are great options. They’re very fun to drive and have a unique, sleek design with all their models.



Although their minivan, the Odyssey, has not performed well this year, Honda makes up for it with some of their other models. The Honda Civic and CRV have had another great year, with the maker addressing some concerns of previous years and updating their appearance to match the rest of their fleet. Their truck, the Ridgeline, has also been well-received by many consumers.


It’s hard to talk about cars this year without Tesla popping up. The Model 3’s are just beginning to hit the streets, and their electric semi-trucks have been receiving large orders from major brands like UPS and Pepsi. Tesla’s cars aren’t perfect, but it’s hard to say that they’re not changing the game. Other brands have been pushing electric cars to ride the wave of interest that Tesla has helped to create, and customer satisfaction is very high with the brand. The brand has certainly played its part in the conversation of top cars in 2017.



Ford has a few very powerful vehicles on the market including the F-150 and the F-150 Raptor. The Ford Escape and Ford Expedition, two other bigger cars, have also made some waves amongst experts and consumers alike. Add in the Mustang and the Transit models, and Ford has a very versatile selection of cars. Even though there is no clear fantastic car, the brand can appeal to just about anyone.


The 2017 Porsche Macan has blown many critics away. It combines style, comfort, and luxury with one of the most reliable brands in the auto industry. Classics like the 911 and 718 continue to perform well, offering a great selection of vehicles for those who are willing to shell out a little more cash. Unlike some other brands, Porsche doesn’t have a weak car, although they don’t offer a huge range of selections. But, if you’re doing something as well as they are, there’s no need to stretch yourself thin.



Mercedes is similar to Porsche in that it offers consistent excellency. It separates itself from other brands and earns a spot on this list of top cars of 2017 by being able to provide this consistency while offering a variety of vehicles. Different models provide completely different driving experiences, which is what helps make it one of the most beloved brands on the road. Mercedes fans are quite loyal and are often repeat buyers for a reason.


Changing gears a little bit as we move onto GMC. There’s nothing too flashy about these cars, which are fantastic for getting tough work done. The GMC Terrain and Sierra 1500 boast great power and towing capabilities, and their Yukon and Yukon XL are excellent for getting your family from point A to point B in comfort. Don’t expect to burn rubber or turn heads, but you can certainly expect reliability.



Another brand offering great versatility, Toyota’s Sienna and Avalon are great options for families, while the Tacoma offers off-road lovers everything they could ask for. If you live in a big city and are constantly on the hunt for a parking spot, the tiny Yaris iA is certainly something to consider. Toyota’s Camry Hybrid and Avalon Hybrid have great reliability ratings, making them a force to be considered in terms of eco-friendliness and earning a spot as makers of some of the top cars in 2017.


A brand that has been around for some time but has made some serious noise in recent years, Audi’s vast selection of reliable and stylish cars have earned their reputation. Although a little on the pricier side, their A series, Q series, and S series are beloved by their customers and the R8 has no trouble standing out from a crowd. It is truly surprising to see how much the brand has risen from where they used to be, becoming one of the more popular selections of the year.

These are, in our opinions, the 10 best sources of top cars in 2017. However, things often fluctuate in the industry, and we’re excited to see what happens next year!

Make Great Cars Even Better

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