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Honda Accord Hybrid Versus Ford Fusion Hybrid

Honda Accord

Hybrid automobiles have exploded in popularity in recent years due to consumer concerns with fuel efficiency and environmental impact. Today’s hybrids offer great gas mileage without sacrificing performance or aesthetics. The Honda Accord Hybrid and the Ford Fusion Hybrid are two of the most popular models on the market, but which one is right for you?

Exterior Comparison

Both the 2015 Accord Hybrid and the 2015 Fusion Hybrid have sleek, well designed exteriors that are more suggestive of “sports car” than “Prius.” The Fusion Hybrid has a larger, more prominent grille than the base model Fusion. The Accord styling is more understated, but could be dressed up with lip kits for Honda Accord.

Both models have subtle badges that indicate they are hybrids. The Fusion sits on 18 inch wheels while the Accord Hybrid has 17 inch wheels. Either model could also be slightly lowered with the addition of lip kits for Honda Accord or Ford Fusion.

Interior Comparison

Inside the cabins of the Accord and the Fusion, more differences become clear. Many reviewers have lauded the comfort of the Fusion seating; however, the overall interior appearance of the Accord is generally thought to be more stylish. But some drivers may be taken-aback by the fact that beige is the only interior color available for the Accord Hybrid.

When it comes to cabin room, both cars are fairly comparable. The Fusion does edge-out the Accord when it comes to usable trunk space—an important consideration for many drivers.

Performance Comparison

Looks are important, but at the end of the day it all comes down to how well a car performs. Both the Accord and the Fusion have 2.0L 4-cylinder engines, and they both offer around 190 HP.

Fuel efficiency is a major factor for any hybrid. When it comes to MPG, the Accord edges-out the Fusion. The Fusion has a respectable 42 miles per gallon, but the Accord blows that away with 47 MPG.

The gas mileage on both cars is already great, but it’s also possible that an owner could improve it further by making some simple modifications. Adding a lip kit can increase aerodynamics and improve fuel efficiency for any car. Lip Kits for Honda Accord and Ford Fusion are available from All-Fit Automotive—check them out here.

Ford Fusion Lip Kit

Finding the Best Hybrid for You

Both the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Honda Accord Hybrid are great choices for fuel-efficient mid-sized sedans, but the Accord rates slightly higher in consumer reviews. Both vehicles are available at a starting price under $30,000 with the Accord being slightly more expensive on average.

No matter what model you choose, All-Fit Automotive can set you up with a lip kit that will protect your car from dirt and debris, improve its appearance, and perhaps even improve fuel efficiency. Check out lip kits for Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, and almost any other vehicle model at All-Fit Automotive now!