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The Subaru WRX - One of the Most Underrated Sports Cars

Subaru WRX Sedan

Many people consider the Lamborghini or the Corvette the ultimate sports car, but they are sorely mistaken. While these fast and powerful cars are undeniably impressive, they don’t have the all-around value needed to stay on top. Placing form over function can only get you so far, which is exactly what these leading sports cars do. You may not yet realize the Subaru WRX is your dream sports car, but after reading more about it, you could change your mind.

Learn More about the Subaru WRX

The Subaru WRX is one of the most adaptable sports cars on the market, if not the most. In fact, there’s no terrain too rugged for this car to take on. Whether you’re headed out to run errands or driving up a steep mountain, this versatile sports car will get you there.

It can be a stretch to fit even two people in most sports cars, but the Subaru WRX is an exception. Not only can you fit four people in the car, there’s also plenty of room for camping gear, luggage and any other equipment that needs to come along for the ride.

Subaru WRX owners enjoy four differentials, including:

  • Two limited-slip diffs between the axles and two center diffs
  • One mechanically actuating and one Driver Controlled Differential (DCCD)

The unique Subaru DCCD allows you to give the car more freedom under power. The front axle is also equipped with brake-based torque vectoring, offering increased turning power.

Some other specs you might be interested in are the following:

  • 290lb-ft torque
  • Big Brembo brakes
  • 18-inch BBS alloy wheels
  • Easily recognizable rear spoiler
  • Enjoy the opportunity to drive fast ─ but safely ─ in the Subaru WRX.

Subaru WRX Lip Kit

Already an owner? Sure, you love your Subaru WRX, but maybe you could love it even more if it’s look was a little more your style. All-Fit Automotive offers a Subaru WRX lip kit, designed to enhance the look of your sports car and offer an additional layer of protection. Our affordable, all-in-one solution is designed to fit your car for a lifetime ─ no pesky replacements needed.

Subaru WRX Lip Kit

Enjoy a clean and easy installation with your Subaru WRX lip kit. Not only does the subtle color offset give your car a unique look, it also protects your bumper during normal driving conditions. Our Subaru WRX lip kit will also improve your aerodynamics by increasing downforce and gas mileage.

You’ll receive everything you need for lifetime installation in the kit, including a premium universal all-fit lip, 3M heat bonded tape, black self-tapping screws and black nylon square washers. Purchase your lip kit today to give your Subaru more protection and a new personality.