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Cars of the Future | Vehicle Predictions for 2018

vehicle predictions The year 2018 is upon us and it is time to start making those yearly future car predictions! What types of exciting automotive technologies and vehicle designs can we expect to see on the horizon this time? Here is a brief list of the technologies and trends that we anticipate for the near future in the automotive industry.

Self-Driving Cars

The first of our future car predictions involves an even deeper implementation of self-driving car technology. Companies like Uber and Google are already experimenting with self-driving cars, and the industry is set to take these design principles to new levels. Once the technology is ready, automobiles will be ready to hit the road completely autonomous and driverless, able to pick up and drop-off multiple passengers throughout the day.
Assuming the widespread adoption of the self-driving car, industry experts are expecting a massive shift in vehicle ownership trends and transportation infrastructure design in the coming two decades. Some experts are projecting a dip in private car ownership as large as 80%, with some private cars remaining and the rest comprising fleets of self-driving cars.
Of our future car predictions, this is the most consequential, as it could change the way cities see their infrastructure. For example, with less cars on the road, cities can focus on walkable infrastructure with dedicated regions for transportation hubs.

Increased Computerization

increased computerization Even excluding self-driving car technology, computers are taking over every aspect of a car’s function. We’ve already seen onboard sensors that warn of potential collision, and other computer-assisted features that make cars more safe. Keyless entry, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS devices, and other high-tech luxuries are also quickly becoming commonplace in contemporary car designs.
With this in mind, future car predictions should certainly include the presence of more computers! For example, tracking systems are already growing more sophisticated. Soon all sorts of data will be accessible about a car’s activity, such as where to track it when it has been stolen, or whether the car has been driving erratically or recklessly.
Keyless entry can also be taken in interesting directions, such as providing biometric scanning for fingerprints, and allowing entry for certain family members on specific trips or times during the day. Also expect car media centers to get even more sophisticated, and even more Internet integrated than before.
In terms of safety, we can expect better airbag designs and computer-aided safety features, moving seats that can help occupants in a crash, computer sensors that can detect dangerous road conditions, thermal imaging for night conditions, and more.

Alternative Energy

More and more consumers are becoming conscious of the automobile’s effect on the environment, and more consumers are looking to break their dependence on changing gas prices. Thus the rapidly growing popularity of hybrids and electric cars.
For the next of our future car predictions, expect a growth in the availability of electric cars and hybrids. We should also be seeing more electric charging infrastructure popping up as well to meet demand.
Though hydrogen-powered car technology is further out in terms of implementation, its early iterations are looking to have some powerful benefits, and we may see eventual growth in that direction as well.

New Designs and Materials

vehicle predictions

As always, new composite materials, ways of thinking, futurist aesthetics, pedestrian laws, and other influences will drive exterior and interior designs in new directions. Expect softer exterior features, interesting window shapes, and ergonomic, computer screen-filled interiors to dominate the market.
Manufacturing materials figure prominently in our future car predictions, and cars in the future will have some amazing composites that were only previously available in race cars and other performance vehicles. Car bodies will become stronger and safer, and interiors will be made up of eco-friendly recyclable materials that are comfortable and durable.

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