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What to Expect from the Mazda RX-8

Red Mazda RX-8

Car enthusiasts all over the world mourned in 2011 when Mazda announced that it would be retiring the popular RX-8 Sport model. After ten years of production, car’s failure to meet European emissions standards led to a drop in sales volume. This, coupled with financial considerations, led Mazda to discontinue the model.

However, good news is on the horizon: Mazda recently announced an as yet unnamed successor to the RX-8 that is slated to hit the market in 2016.

Front Black Mazda RX-8

A History of the RX-8The RX-8 was introduced in 2001 to industry and popular acclaim. Mazda designed and marketed the sports car with financial partnership from Ford. Its rotary engine and unique styling quickly set the RX-8 apart from the competition. The RX-8 became a favorite of performance drivers and was frequently modified to enhance the aesthetic and speed. Aftermarket parts such as Mazda RX8 lip kits and specialty rims were popular additions to the base model.

Over the years, Mazda continued to enjoy success with the RX-8 in European and North American markets. Specialty versions including the Shinka, Evolve, and Nemesis boasted even more unique upgrades and quickly became collector favorites. However, financial constraints coupled with a loss on the European market due to emissions standards finally spelled demise for the popular RX-8.

The 2015 RX8

After a break of over five years, it looks like the RX-8 will drive again. The replacement is rumored to have a lightweight Wankel engine, and the body will be on the Miata base. It’s thought that the new RX-8 will be more fuel-efficient than the previous version and will be upgraded to comply with European emissions standards.

When the new RX-8 is released, it’s a sure bet that enthusiasts will once again look for ways to modify and enhance the car. Mazda RX8 lip kits are bound to be a popular addition along with the ever-prevalent upgrades to headlamps, wheels, and interior gauges.

Details about the release of the new RX-8 have been vague thus far, but it looks like this model will provide some stiff competition to rivals like the Toyota 86 and Scion FR-S.

Get the Look

Mazda RX-8 Lip Kit

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