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Why the Accord Remains Honda's Top Pick

Honda Accord 2013

The Honda Accord is celebrating almost 40 years of production, and this iconic mid-sized sedan is anything but dated. Today's Accord is a favorite among savvy drivers who seek comfort, style, and value. This consumer favorite boasts top safety ratings, high customer satisfaction, and a stylish design that has makes it not only the best selling model for Honda but also the best-selling car in America. Drivers looking to enhance their vehicle with a 2013 Accord lip kit can find the perfect product here at All-Fit Automotive.

A History of Performance

The Accord was first introduced in 1976 as a step up from the popular and well-established Honda Civic. Drivers quickly responded to the stylish features and affordability of the new model, and within a few years the Accord was one of the best-selling mid-sized cars on the market.

Over the years, Honda responded to the popularity of the Accord by introducing a variety of options and styles including 2-door, 4-door, and hatchback models. In recent years, Honda has seen great success with its affordable and eco-friendly hybrid Accord.

Form Meets Function

Part of the Accord's appeal is that it is not only safe, reliable, and economical, but also stylish and sporty. The modern styling and sleek design of the Accord has made it a favorite among younger drivers. There are also near-limitless aftermarket parts and accessories available to modify and enhance the appearance of the Accord including bumpers, spoilers, body kits, and more. A 2013 Accord lip kit from All-Fit Automotive is an easy and inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your Accord while protecting it from wear and damage.

A Bright Future

The widespread popularity of the Honda Accord is showing no sign of diminishing anytime soon. The new electric hybrid model has been a hit in the US, and a 2015 styling update has renewed interest in this perennial favorite.

Honda Electric Hybrid Model

The Accord currently accounts for more than a quarter of Honda Motor Corporation's total US sales volume, and year over year sales are steadily increasing. Honda continues to invest heavily in the Accord, updating the styling and offering new features including hybrid drive options, home-link wireless control, and more—all for a competitive starting price under $25,000.

Protect and Enhance Your Honda Accord

The Honda Accord continues to be a great choice for drivers who value style, quality, safety, and fuel economy. If you drive a Honda Accord, consider upgrading your vehicle with a 2013 Accord lip kit from All-Fit Automotive. This high quality, easy-to-install covering will protect vehicle from wear and tear, improve aerodynamics, and increase fuel efficiency—all while making your car look great!

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