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Metal Fans Rejoice: Scion Unveils Slayer-Inspired tC

For car enthusiasts, the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show is one of the premiere destinations to see incredible one-of-a-kind themed and modified models of popular cars. This year’s show is no exception, and some of the hottest buzz is around the Slayer-Inspired Scion tC. This concept, build by MVDESIGNZ, is just the latest in a long line of incredible custom builds unveiled at SEMA.

Blue Car At SEMA Show

About the SEMA Show

The SEMA show is an industry-only trade show where aftermarket parts manufacturers and installers, dealers, and restorationists show off some of their best products and most impressive vehicles. Held in Las Vegas every November, the SEMA show is the premiere place to get a sneak peak at the latest performance and aesthetic automobile modifications available.

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Past SEMA Events

Scion Bumper Lip Kit

The 2013 SEMA show boasted the Scion Tuner Challenge, a competition to find and reward the most impressive modified Scion. The winner, Young Tea, exhibited a tricked-out tC with a custom body kit, aftermarket gauges, Pioneer audio, and 2013 scion lip kits custom fitted to the vehicle.

Other modified Scions included the first-ever right hand drive version, as well as a completely customized racing version. The vehicles shown at SEMA serve as inspiration for drivers all over the world who want to customize their own vehicles.

2014 SEMA Specialty Scion

This year, all the buzz is about the Slayer-inspired Scion tC designed by Mike Vu. Full details are still being kept under wraps, but fans can expect to see an aggressively styled exterior and of course, premium audio and visual equipment inside the vehicle.

The Slayer tC is not the only highly hyped mod to be revealed at this year’s SEMA- other highly anticipated reveals include the Riley Hawk Skate Tour Model, a 70’s inspired design for pro skateboarder Riley Hawk.

Customize Your Own Scion

Scion Lip Kits

If seeing all of these professional modifications makes you want to add some style to your own Scion, you’re in luck. Adding 2013 Scion lip kits is an easy modification that has a big impact on the appearance of the vehicle.

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