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A Sneak Peek at the New Honda Civic Type-R

Car enthusiasts have been enthralled with the Honda Civic Type-R since the high-performance version of the popular Civic was first introduced in 1997. Over the years, the Type-R has boasted superior performance, luxurious upgrades, and aggressive styling that sets it apart from its more mainstream cousin the Civic coupe. For 2015, Honda is offering teasers for one of the most radical and exciting Type-Rs ever released.

Honda Civic Type R

About the Type-R

The high-performance Type-R is used by Honda to generate interest and excitement in its Civic lineup. Type-Rs are often used for racing and exhibition. They are built on the same chassis as the regular Civic, but have special features like a higher-powered engine and a lowered and stylish body kit.

Type-Rs are generally purchased by serious car enthusiasts who are willing to spend a little more for a truly unique ride. Civic owners may also try to emulate the Type R by adding performance and aesthetic upgrades to their cars, like a Honda Civic lip kit or engine modification.

Honda Civic Lip Kit

The New 2015 Type-R

The 2015 Type-R is said to be one of the most exciting models yet. The new hatchback has been described as looking like a race car but built for the streets. The concept unveiled at the Geneva motor show this year boasted a low stance, quad exhausts, and a large rear spoiler. The Type-R Honda Civic lip kit puts the stylish car mere inches off the ground.

The new Type-R is also more than just a pretty face- its 276 horsepower turbocharged engine puts it in the top of its class for hot hatch designs. In fact, the new Type-R is more powerful than any previous Civic or Accord released.

The exact release date for the new Type-R has not been announced, but it is expected to be widely available in 2015. As of now, the Type-R is only scheduled to be available on the European market.

Getting the Look

New Honda Civic Lip Kit

For drivers in the States (or those who aren’t willing to spend £30,000), don’t despair. A few modifications to your standard Civic can help you emulate the look and the feel of the Type-R.

Serious car enthusiasts already know that they can modify and turbocharge their standard Civic engine for higher performance. If this type of mod is a little too advanced for your taste, you can still copy the aesthetic of the Type-R with a much smaller investment of time and money.

A prominent rear spoiler is one of the hallmark characteristics of the new Type-R. Get the look with an aftermarket wing installed on your own hatch.

The Type-R also sits low to the ground. You can lower your car by a full 1.5” while improving aerodynamics by adding a Honda Civic lip kit. All-Fit Automotive offers a  Universal Lip Kit that fits almost any make and model available. Whether you need a Honda Civic lip kit or one for any other car, the Complete All-Fit Lip Kit could be your solution, click here to view our full selection of lip options.