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NFL Teams & Their Namesake Cars - Blog | All-Fit Automotive

Have you ever noticed many NFL teams share a name with a car or truck? Some are obvious and well-known - the Ford Bronco or the Nissan Titan, for example - whereas others are a little more obscure. Ever heard of the Renault Dauphine?

NFL Names

While some of the vehicles have enough of the right stuff that we could see an NFL player or GM driving one, others aren't quite up to snuff. For instance, the Dodge Colt is far too tiny for anyone but the Colts kicker. We could see some players though, past and present, that would drive the car that shares the name of their team. For instance:

  • Cam Newton is known as a car guy, and we think he would love a DeTomaso Pantera.
  • The armored Stutz Bear convertible was built on a Suburban chassis. It seems perfect for Iron Mike Ditka.
  • Would LaDainian Tomlinson drive a Dodge Charger? We think so.
  • The Muntz Jet was a stylish, limited edition convertible. Perfect for Broadway Joe to cruise Broadway.

Which vehicle do you think is most NFL worthy?