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The Pros and Cons of Owning a Used Hyundai Tiburon

Hyundai Tiburon

Thinking about purchasing a Hyundai Tiburon? These sporty little cars are no longer manufactured, but they were very popular so you’re sure to find a high-quality used model. Before deciding whether or not to purchase this car, you’ll need to conduct some serious research as you don’t want to regret this move later.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Hyundai Tiburon

The Hyundai Tiburon is undeniably cute and sporty, but that alone isn’t enough to base your purchase decision on. Some of the pros and cons cited by owners of the car include:

  • Pro: Excellent fuel economy, even after 70,000+ miles.
  • Con: Not highly durable. Owners have reported many small noises and issues after just 60,000 miles.
  • Pro: The torque, handling and sporty look makes it very fun to drive.
  • Con: Small backseat makes it difficult to transport many passengers or equipment.
  • Pro: High-quality sound system.
  • Con: Lack of headroom can be uncomfortable for taller drivers.
  • Pro: Six-speed transmission.
  • Con: Not many options to adjust the seats.

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    Second generation Hyundai Tiburon models were only made from 1997 to 2008, so unfortunately you won’t be able to purchase a brand new model. While Hyundai has not manufactured the vehicle for six years, you can likely find a lightly used model by conducting some research. If you’re willing to travel a bit or have a used model from a distance shipped to you, you’ll increase your chance of finding a great deal.

If you’re looking for speed, the the V6 model offers impressive pulling power. Drivers have praised the five-speed manual transmission model for its ease of use and handling well in tough situations. However, the tight suspension can make it a bumpy ride.

Hyundai Tiburon Lip Kit

If you decide to purchase a Hyundai Tiburon, protecting your investment is a must. This car is no longer on the market, so you need a Hyundai Tiburon lip kit to protect it. All-Fit Automotive offers a universal lip kit specially designed to add a unique layer of customization to your vehicle. Our affordable, easy-to-install Hyundai Tiburon lip kit protects your bumper from normal driving conditions, including scrapes, bumps, curbs, driveways, debris, snow and more. Click here to view our full selection of lip products.

Maroon Hyundai Tiburon

The subtle color offset provides a unique look by enhancing your car’s appearance and giving it a unique, more streamline look. You’ll also enjoy improved aerodynamics that increases downforce and gas mileage. The Hyundai Tiburon lip kit comes with everything you need to install it permanently, including a premium universal all-fit lip, 3M heat bonded tape, black self-tapping screws and black nylon square washers.

Purchase yours today and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’re keeping your Tiburon safe and protected.