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Toyota 86 Proves a Surprising Hit in Australia

The Toyota 86 Proves a Surprising Hit in Australia

Toyota 86 lip Kit

The Toyota 86 has achieved soaring popularity in Australia with more drivers clambering for the chance to own one. The car has only been on sale down under since 2012, but Aussies just can’t get enough of it.

5 Reasons Why Australians Can’t Get Enough of the Toyota 86

Want to know why the Toyota 86 is so popular in Australia? The following five reasons explain why nothing else can compare to both the value and coolness factor offered by this sports car:

  1. Low Price
    The Toyota 86 starts at just $29,990. In comparison, its closest rivals, the BMW 220i and the Nissan 370Z have significantly higher starting prices at $50,500 and $59,930. Australians enjoy the chance to get a high-quality sports car without the hefty price.
  2. Sporty DesigAustralia's Map
    There’s no way around it ─ the Toyota 86 is one good looking car. The low-slung two-door style is a rarity reminiscent of popular styles from the 60s, 70s and 80s. There’s a certain element of joy to be had in admiring your car from near and afar each and every day.
  3. P-Plate Eligible
    Drivers wanting to go professional can embark on their journey in this car, as it is P plate eligible, making it one of the few models available on the market to satisfy this requirement.
  4. Solid Brand Reputation
    Toyota is the most popular automobile brand in Australia by a landslide. In fact, in 2013, the manufacturer sold 214,630 vehicles, more than double the second most popular brand, Holden, which sold just 112,059. Consumers know Toyota is a reliable brand they can trust, which makes them believe in the value of the Toyota 86.
  5. Super Trendy
    Who doesn't want to own the hottest car on the market? In 2014, Toyota has sold 2,159 examples of the savvy 86 model in Australia, making it the most popular sports car in the under $80,000 market. The car continues to make an impression outside of Australia with more than 100,000 units sold.

Toyota 86 Front Lip Kit

Toyota 86 Lip Kit

Do you enjoy customizing every last inch of your car? If so, you’ll need to purchase the All-Fit Automotive Toyota 86 lip kit. Enjoy the opportunity to add an extra layer of protection to your prized possession, keeping it safe from regular road conditions.

Our Toyota 86 lip kit will also lower your bumper by a full 1.5 inches and will perfectly compliment your car’s color.

Installing your new Toyota 86 lip kit is easy ─ you can do the work yourself in your own driveway, in 15 to 30 minutes. Purchase yours today and enjoy having your Toyota 86 reflect your personal style!