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3 Reasons You Might Want A Bumper Quick Release

Have you heard of bumper quick releases? They’re a fun, affordable product with several different uses. Read on to find out how bumper quick releases can help you.

What are Bumper Quick Releases?

A bumper quick release is a set of fasteners that are used to attach a bumper cover to the body of a car. They're designed to make your bumper cover sit flush with the body, just as the car was manufactured. But they also allow you to quickly remove the bumper cover. A good set of bumper quick releases (like All-Fit Automotive’s bumper quick release kits) are made of high quality materials like durable rubber and anodized aluminum.

A bumper quick release is a great solution for the following reasons:

1. Style


You can use a bumper quick release just to add some style to a vehicle. There are many different colors to choose from. You can decide between bold colors that stand out or subtle colors that match the body of your vehicle. Bumper quick releases add a custom look to your car.

2. Cost

A bumper quick release is not only stylish, but it’s also a great way to fix a loose bumper cover. Bumper covers most commonly come loose due to a broken clip, mounting tab, clip mount, or bolt hole. These may be really small components on a bumper cover, but they can’t easily be fixed or replaced. So you have only two options:

  1. Buy a new bumper cover, which can run you up hundreds of dollars.
  2. Install a bumper quick release kit for only $20

This article offers more information on each option: What to Do When Your Bumper Cover is Loose. In other words, a bumper quick release kit is a very affordable (and just as effective) way to fix a loose bumper cover.

3. Convenience


When you have a loose bumper, it’s so much easier to install a bumper quick release than it is to replace the whole bumper cover. Also, a bumper quick release makes bumper removal and reattachment easier.

A bumper quick release also comes in especially useful when you have a low ground clearance vehicle. It makes your bumper more flexible, therefore it’s less likely to break when it encounters a bump or curb.

Bonus: You can quickly remove and reinstall your bumper cover!


Of course, this is the reason bumper cover quick releases were invented. Some people like to be able to remove or install their bumper cover in a few minutes. For example, when auto-crossing a car, is is common for the lower portion of the bumper cover to rub on the ground during hard cornering and braking. Auto-crossers use the quick releases to remove the bumper cover when they get to the track, and then they put it back on before they go home.

How to Install a Bumper Quick Release Kit


At All-Fit Automotive, we offer high quality bumper quick release kits that include all the parts you need to install a bumper quick release on your car.

The installation process is quite straightforward. Here’s a full tutorial on the installation process: How to Make a Quick Release Bumper Cover.

Got any questions about having a bumper quick release on your car? We’re the guys you want to talk to. Contact us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!