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What Does A Bumper Lip Do For Performance?

December 1, 2023

Most people by an aftermarket bumper lip to protect their vehicle from scrapes and road hazards. Our All-Fit Lip Kit is great at doing that, while giving any ride a visual boost, too. What you may not know is that a high-quality bumper lip can…

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How to Protect Your Mach-E Wheels From Scrapes and Curb Damage

June 16, 2023

If you own a Ford Mustang Mach-E, you already know how cool the latest rim designs look. But nothing takes the shine off your new ride like scratched and scuffed rims. And that’s before you factor in the cost of getting them repaired. All-Fit Automotive feels your pain. And we have a solution for your…

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How To Turn A Black Tool Box Into A Harley Tool Box

May 25, 2023

Personalizing your car with All-Fit Automotive’s range of accessories is easy. But why not add some style to your toolbox as well? It is an important part of any enthusiast’s garage but is often left stuck in the corner looking rather bland. Our accessories are designed to fit perfectly while protecting your vehicle. Did you…

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Garage Decor Ideas – Dress Up Your Tool Box With Edge Trim

May 11, 2023

Your car is an extension of your personality. To help you better express your individuality, All-Fit Automotive has a range of great accessories for your vehicle. If you love your car, you probaby love your garage, too. All-Fit products work just as well on your toolboxes, workbenches, and shelves. In this article, we look into…

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The Ultimate Tool Box Decal – All-Fit Edge Trim

April 26, 2023

Toolboxes are an important part of any enthusiast’s garage. They don’t come cheap, though. And most people keep theirs for years and years. Some customize their toolboxes to match their garage. Others add protective moldings to prevent dings and dents from damaging their investment. At All-Fit we know all there is to know about protecting…

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How To Fix Your Curbed Tesla Rims

April 13, 2023

That crunch you hear as you accidentally damage your rim is an agonizing sound. A scuffed or curbed wheel can really take the shine off your Tesla. So do you repair or replace it? To help you decide, we investigate the best ways to fix curbed Tesla rims, and hear from many Tesla owners first…

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Best Accessories To Personalize A New-To-You Tesla

March 14, 2023

In today’s used car market, electric cars are quickly becoming more and more popular with buyers. As gas prices continue to rise, many people see the benefit of electric vehicles. In fact, all four of Tesla’s current model lineup fall into the top 10 most commonly purchased used cars. Below we’ll cover some great ways…

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