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Car Lip Spoilers | The Advantages and Disadvantages

Car Lip Spoilers - What Are They and How Do They Work? Spoilers are a favorite accessory among drivers who enjoy upgrading the look and performance of their vehicles with aftermarket parts. The primary purpose for car lip spoilers is usually to add a stylish visual accent to the vehicle, but they can also improve aerodynamics, [...]

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2004 Honda Accord Lip Kit | Upgrade Your Car Today

Moderately priced, highly equipped, and extremely upgradeable, the Honda Accord is a favorite car throughout the automotive community, and especially among those who enjoy upgrading with aftermarket parts and accessories. The versatile 2004 model can be anything from a basic reliable daily driver or the ultimate modification monster to tinker with in your garage, and [...]

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E46 Front Lip | Order a Quality BMW E46 Lip Kit Today

The BMW E46 provides exceptional performance at a modest price, making it ideal for savvy BMW enthusiasts on a budget. This vehicle was produced from 2000-2006, so today it is not nearly as costly as its newer siblings, the M3 and M4. Many knowledgeable buyers these days are choosing to spend less on an E46, [...]

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BMW M3 Lip | Upgrade Your M3 with an All-Fit Lip Kit

The BMW M3 is an icon in the automotive world, and this timeless vehicle has garnered a loyal following since it was first introduced in 1985. The M3 is the quintessential BMW, offering luxury features, high-octane performance, and understated style in a stunning package. Today, knowledgeable car enthusiasts continue to buy M3s for a number [...]

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Golf 4 Bumper Lip | Upgrade Your Volkswagen Golf Today

The Volkswagen Golf 4 has won its fair share of awards, and for good reason. From 1997 until 2004, this critically acclaimed vehicle has gone through many changes, but the quality and features always remained consistent. Today, it is an excellent option for savvy car enthusiasts who are looking for an exceptional used vehicle at [...]

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Mazda MX5 Front Lip | Order an All-Fit Lip Kit Online

Since its introduction in 1989, the Mazda MX-5 (called the MX-5 Miata in the US) has gained legions of loyal fans. Offering sports-car performance in a fun and compact two-seat package, few other vehicles are such a joy to take on the open road, on the track, or just to run errands. This versatile vehicle [...]

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Integra Type R Lip Kit | Increase Performance Today

The Honda Integra Type R has gained quite a following since it was first introduced in Japan in 1992. Today, the company is known for exceptional quality and performance, as well as elegant and understated designs. The Type R in particular has really become a cult classic, and today it is one of the most [...]

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Mazda 3 Lip | Superior Protection, Performance, & Style

With a sleek design, award-winning performance, and the implementation of innovative technologies, the Mazda 3 has been an appealing choice for drivers since its introduction in 2003. Part of its exceptional appeal comes from its combination of luxury features and terrific economic value - a combination shared by All-Fit Automotive and the innovative Mazda 3 [...]

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Dodge Neon Lip | Cutting-Edge Performance and Design

Held in high esteem for its visual appearance, affordability, and powerful performance on the road, the Dodge Neon has long held strong appeal among drivers interested in speed, maneuverability, and style. Since its introduction in 1994, the Dodge Neon has exhibited a unique interest in bumper protection and appearance, most notably with its use of [...]

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2000 Honda Civic Lip Kit | The Best Choice for Your Car

A favorite among experienced car enthusiasts and amateurs alike, the 2000 Honda Civic is known for its versatility, longevity, and performance potential. Created during the last year in which Honda utilized the double wishbone suspension, the 2000 Honda Civic is often selected as an ideal choice for high-performance vehicle modifications. For individuals interested in adding [...]

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