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Buy Our Universal Lip Kit Now

This kit includes thirty feet of our All-Fit lip to go around your entire car. As our most popular kit, this is an essential piece of equipment that we recommend to all buyers. Because of its popularity, we ship this kit free of charge.

Choose the 30-foot kit for complete protection, appearance enhancement and improved aerodynamics yielding an increase in fuel efficiency. This is our all-in-one product and our best seller. The All-Fit Universal Lip Kit will fit any and all makes of vehicles. Whether you are looking for an appearance enhancement, increased aerodynamics resulting in improved gas mileage or ultimate protection of the lower part of your car, you have found the perfect product. If you want more pictures of our product on your car, please contact us and we will gladly send more pictures. Please view our installation page to see how you can install our universal car lip in your own driveway in minutes.


Install this 9-foot lip on your front or rear bumper for enhancing the look of your car, protecting the lower part of your bumper along with improving aerodynamics increasing gas mileage. This length is guaranteed to fit any car and recommended to any buyer purchasing just a front or rear lip. At All-Fit Automotive, we have created a universal car lip that fits essentially every car in the world, including yours. If you don’t see pictures of your car, please note that we have a large database of many cars with our product installed. Contact us with your vehicle's year, make and model and we will email you more pictures. We have also set up a simple installation process for you to install the product in your own driveway in as little as 15 minutes. We highly recommend to all buyers to purchase our complete Universal Lip Kit for an all-around improvement to your car. Receive free shipping on our complete kit and ultimate value and protection.



Cut to length and install this 14-foot kit on both side skirts. When paired with front and rear lips, a side skirt kit helps move air efficiently under and around your car decreasing drag and improving your MPG. Other added benefits include protection of your side skirts along with a lowered, streamlined look. This Universal Lip Kit contains enough material to install on both of your side skirts. We have spent numerous years researching the highest quality material with major benefits including a simple installation in minutes, with tools you have in your own garage. We can assure you that the All-Fit side skirt will fit on YOUR car. If you’re still unsure if our kit isn’t right for your car, feel free to send us an email so we can reassure you and even supply pictures. If you have not already purchased a front bumper lip, we recommend looking into our complete kit. This kit is one of our most popular options, and combines value and style for a custom piece of equipment that wraps around your car, including your side skirts. Not only does this give you the most bang for your buck, but we also ship the complete kit to your door free of charge.



At a slight discount, we sell a shortened 8-foot kit for the front or rear of your vehicle. This kit offers the same unique benefits of our other kits. Along with improving your MPG, your vehicle will also have protection from curbs and scrapes and a one-of-a-kind look. The length of this kit is not guaranteed to fit all cars due to the shortened length and is only recommended to buyers who measure their bumper before purchasing. Please view our 9-foot kit if you want a guaranteed fit. Stop by our install page and see how our unique product can be installed in minutes. Are you looking for ultimate value? We have the solution in our complete universal lip kit. Check it out on the buy now page and see the many added benefits to installing the All-Fit Universal Lip Kit all the way around your car. Purchase the complete universal car lip kit and receive a discount of free door-to-door shipping.


What do our customers ultimately recommend?

Without a doubt, our happiest customers are the ones who purchase our complete 30 foot Universal Lip Kit. This kit goes around your entire car and offers an all-in-one appearance enhancement and ultimate protection. By far our best bang for your buck along with free shipping included. Complete the kit, complete your car.