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Chevy Cruze Lip Kit | Read About Our Cruze Lip Kit

All-Fit Pink Lip Kit

How artistic can a car look? With millions of different car models, makes and types it’s hard to have a certain car stand out from the rest, especially without breaking the bank. Bringing out the buyers own originality is what we here at All-Fit Automotive are wishing to provide. We offer a lot of different aftermarket car parts and specialize in the world’s strongest universal lip kit. We think that the lip kit is the most affordable, yet still protective modification a person can make on their vehicle. With over 48 different variations, our lip kits are truly one of a kind and allow customers to be unique in their own creative way. This is how one enthusiastic owner personalized her car with a Chevy Cruze lip kit.

“Avril the 2014 Chevy Cruze” is one of these specific cars we wanted to give a shout out too. Avril’s owner is Courtney. Courtney is a customer of All-Fit and has recently been modifying her 2014 model with a Chevy Cruze lip kit. She said naming her car was simple, and as soon as she sat in it at the dealership, the name “Avril” just came to her. However, making Avril stand out from the rest of the 2014 Chevy Cruze is another story. Her most visible and original change was her addition of the All-Fit Pink Traditional Lip Kit. Anyone can think that a certain color of their car allows them to be unique. Nonetheless, adding the pink traditional option from All-Fit truly allowed Courtney to show off Avril.

Courtney wanted to make her 2014 Cruze her own. Naming the car Avril was a simple and cool way to personalize the vehicle but yet still doesn’t make it stand out from the rest. Adding a Chevy Cruze lip kit makes Avril stand out on the open road.

Simple modifications are sometimes very affordable and can sometimes have the most unsurpassed result. We here at All-Fit wanted to give Courtney a quick shout out but also provide proof in the uniqueness of the product. Avril went from ordinary to truly one of a kind. Click here to view our full selection of lip options.