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1.5 Inches

1.5 inches

2.5 Inches

2.5 inches

3.5 Inches

3.5 inches

choose your width:
Traditional All-Fit LIP-KIT

Our original size and slimmest design at 1.5 inches. This is a subtle style with great protection.

All-Fit Mid Lip

Our newest design and most sought after size at 2.5 inches. The perfect solution for a bold yet still subtle look.

All-Fit Fat Lip

Our boldest design at 3.5 inches offering the most protection of any lip.

choose your length:
Complete Kit

For your entire vehicle. By far our most popular length and best bang for your buck. Complete the kit, complete the look.

Front/Rear Kit

For your front or rear bumper. Just looking for a front splitter? This is the kit for you.

Side Skirt Kit

For both sideskirts. A great pair with a front bumper lip.

Small Cars
What do we recommend? While you can`t go wrong with any of kits, our most popular choice is a Complete All-Fit MID Lip
Any All-Fit Lip Kit is ready to install right out of the box and guaranteed to fit your vehicle, no matter the make or model.
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