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Home Depot Lip Kit | Does Your Car Need One?

The Superior Universal Lip Kit Compared to the Home Depot Lip Kit

all fit automotive air infused sponge

One thing that Home Depot does particularly well is promote the DIY (Do It Yourself) lifestyle, which can be seen in the popularity of DIY projects like the “Home Depot Lip Kit.” Lots of people go to Home Depot to pick up materials and supplies for their own pet projects and jobs, so it makes sense for people to head to Home Depot to gather materials for their own automotive modification project.

Lip kits are a great idea for a DIY project because they require a minimal amount of expertise. Additionally, they’re a good start on amateur car modifications. Since they provide an excellent performance boost at low-cost. However we want to caution you on spending time and money on materials that might not pay off as well in the long run.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the Home Depot Lip Kit and bring some of its drawbacks to your attention. We have an excellent alternative in mind: a superior  universal lip kit that will provide you with all of the benefits of a high quality DIY lip kit modification at low cost. Read on to learn more.

Going DIY

People who are into DIY projects aren’t just bored or interested in saving money. These are definitely useful motivations that can contribute to the project. However, a successful DIY project allows you to save money by installing or building the product yourself, without skimping on the quality of the materials.

True DIY products allow you to do the work of self-assembly and make the product your own. This provides a terrific sense of accomplishment after the work is done, and you get that sense of self-satisfaction that comes with building something on your own. Fortunately, simple DIY projects are accessible to many people, even beginners. This is what the Home Depot Lip Kit is getting at for car lovers.

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The DIY lip kit idea started on  car forums, where the concept was quickly gaining traction among forum users. DIY aficionados were utilizing EPDM rubber, which is a durable synthetic rubber usually found on rooftops and on the bottom of garage doors. The idea was to use the stripping (usually the garage door variety) to adhere a lip to the bottom of their cars. Places like Home Depot and Lowes had the materials to do this kind of thing, so this project came to be known as the Home Depot Lip Kit. This early attempt definitely looked cool, but the material was easily scraped and it deteriorated quickly.

Although people aren’t exactly putting together transmissions here, we do think everyone should hold themselves to a high standard of craftsmanship, even when it comes to simpler DIY jobs such as adding parts found at Home Depot to the vehicle.

You should ask yourself: are the parts you are installing on your vehicle high quality, and will they benefit your vehicle for the price? In most cases, the lower the cost of the product, the lower quality you are going to get. As that wise old saying goes: “you get what you pay for.”

There are affordable products out there that provide professional quality for the price, but you have to do the research to find them. Are the parts that make up the Home Depot Lip Kit a good bet? We’re going to look into it below.

Home Depot Lip Kits

The materials you need for the Home Depot Lip Kit are very affordable and easy to install, but this kit suffers substantially from quality issues. There are various types of rubber that are used to seal garage door bottoms. Some seals are made entirely of EPDM, and are extremely flexible. Others are made with EPDM that is infused with air, which is the kind of EPDM typically used in the Home Depot Lip Kit.

To get an idea of this material, imagine those beer or soda koozies that are thick and spongy. This is pretty much how the spongy EPDM feels. One good thing about this material is that the included 3M tape will bond to it, which allows for a simple and painless installation.

However, as soon as you start driving on the road with this material, it will start scraping and ripping pretty early. Your initial install might look pretty sleek, but soon enough you will have a spongy strip of rubber scraped and torn up, flapping in the wind. At this point you’ll want to remove your Home Depot Lip Kit, and you will give yourself a huge headache trying to get the kit off your car. This is something we don’t recommend placing on the bottom of your vehicle.


Now let’s take that alternative EPDM material that is firmer and more flexible. This is definitely a more durable lip kit for your car. However this strip does not work too well with the 3M tape. With this kit you have a better material to work with, but now you have a new problem. This material makes it difficult to achieve a secure installation.

For this Home Depot Lip Kit to work, you need a screw every few inches, which makes for a tough installation that is equally tough to undo. Without an easily secured installation, this kit simply presents another headache.

Weighing Your Options

It is all too easy to fall into a modification trap with the Home Depot Lip Kit. In pursuing cost-saving solutions, you end up getting stuck with a low quality solution instead. You may be saving money buying the initial materials, but then you will have to constantly replace the parts every time they fail, which adds up quickly in the long run. You don’t want to run the risk of rolling up to the next big car show or “cars and coffee” event with a dysfunctional lip kit. Make sure you choose a high quality universal lip kit the first time around.

We know that you want to be able to take pride in showing off your new car’s look. So how do you sift through all of the options in the aftermarket vehicle modification market and choose the lip kit that is right for you?

You can start by asking yourself 4 really important questions. How much is this lip kit going to cost? Is the lip kit a good quality product? Can you install the lip kit yourself? Finally, is the lip kit going to look good on your car, while improving your aerodynamics like a lip splitter should?

As for the first question, there are plenty of low cost lip kits out on the market, including the Home Depot Lip Kit. However, you have to consider the initial cost and then future costs. The initial material costs may be cheap, but are they going to continuously break down and require you to purchase more?

In terms of the second question, lip kit quality has to do with the materials’ lifespan, the suitability of the material, user reviews, and other factors. A cheaper hardware store-bought kit is probably not going to fulfill any of these considerations.

The third question is a must for DIY car modification. Of course the EPDM version of the Home Depot Lip Kit is easy to install, but it might be tough to take off when it starts breaking down. The other Home Depot kit material is more difficult to install as well.

For the final question, an ideal lip kit should continue to look great and work great for the life of your vehicle. The best quality universal lip kits are meant to enhance your vehicle, while protecting the bottom of it from everyday driving. Your ideal lip kit should be both affordable and high quality, and you shouldn’t have to constantly replace it. This standard will guarantee you are getting the highest quality for your money.

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All-Fit Automotive’s Superior Universal Lip Kit

An excellent alternative to the Home Depot Lip Kit is All-Fit Automotive’s  Universal Lip Kit. All-Fit Automotive is a company that specializes in aftermarket car parts. Spanning over 55 countries, they offer over 48 variations of the highest quality lip kits in the industry. These kits are manufactured in the US, and are collectively known as the World’s Strongest Universal Lip Kit.

Let’s see if All-Fit’s lip kit can favorably answer the 4 questions that we posed above. First, what is the cost? Getting together the materials for a Home Depot Lip Kit will probably set you back around $15 to $25, and you can keep adding those costs up each time you have to replace the parts. A comparable front kit in black from All-Fit Automotive costs $39.95, but it is rated to last the entire lifespan of your vehicle. In terms of cost, you are getting a lot of quality for your money with All-Fit’s kit.

Now for the second question. What kind of quality does the All-Fit Automotive Universal Lip Kit provide? In terms of the material, you can tell what kind of quality you are dealing with right away. Standard EPDM rubber from a garage door is easily torn in half if you pull hard enough on it. However if you pull on the material that makes up All-Fit’s lip kit, you will find that it is impossible to tear apart by hand.

That is because All-Fit’s rubber is the strongest lip kit material in the industry. This material is backed by years of research and development, taking into account customers’ needs. This material isn’t just meant for a garage door; it is made to be put on a car. All-Fit’s lip kit is designed to stand up to every day driving, and can easily take punishment from curbs, driveways, and other scraping surfaces.

The basic All-Fit Automotive Lip Kit has a similar appearance to the Home Depot Lip Kit, but it out-performs the Home Depot version in every way. This kit doesn’t just enhance and improve your vehicle, it protects it too. Yes, the All-Fit Automotive Universal Lip Kit achieves high marks in quality.

What about the third question? Can you install the lip kit by yourself? Yes, All-Fit’s kits are completely DIY and can be  quickly installed on your own driveway. These kits come ready to install right out of the box.

All-Fit Automotive Lip Kits come with automotive grade 3M tape, which is heat bonded to the material for a firm seal. The kits also come with prepping wipes and self-tapping, corrosion resistant screws that allow for a professionally secured lip.

Now for the final question: is this lip kit going to look great while providing superior aerodynamics on your car? Yes, the All-Fit Automotive Universal Lip Kit looks great in every variation that you choose. Aesthetically, it tops the Home Depot Lip Kit because it continues to look good for the lifetime of your car.

Each All-Fit lip kit is unique in size, length, color, and design. The 48 variations include  different lengths in case you want a full body kit or just a front lip. You can also choose from different widths, depending on how far you want the lip to hang off of your vehicle. The All-Fit Lip Kit is available in 6 different colors.

All-Fit’s lip kit is guaranteed to fit any vehicle, making it truly a universal kit. Whatever variation it comes in, and whatever vehicle it is installed on, this kit looks great. Plus, this kit acts as a fully functional lip splitter, and provides the aerodynamic improvements that you want from an aftermarket splitter mod.

All-Fit’s kit is affordable, but it still manages to provide that sleek look that car lovers are after, while providing additional aerodynamic benefits. This is a great buy.

Choose a Quality Universal Lip Kit

Without a doubt, the Home Depot Lip Kit was a good prototype to kick off the lip kit industry. But with All-Fit Automotive’s technology and manufacturing capabilities, you will quickly see how far the lip kit industry has come in terms of quality.

In terms of the 4 questions you want to ask when choosing a lip kit, the All-Fit lip kit easily answers those questions with unsurpassed results. With a little further research on the web, you will find all of the glowing customer testimonials you need to make your decision. Lower, Enhance, and Protect your vehicle with no other material than the versatile and durable All-Fit Lip Kit. Take pride in your vehicle and check out today.