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10 Car-Centric Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now

Are you as crazy about cars as we are? If so, we’re here to spread the love. At All-Fit Automotive, we’ll use this blog to keep you up to date on great new products like the Scion TC lip kit, but here are some other blogs of interest for car fans.

Jay Leno’s Garage

Everyone knows that Jay Leno has an obsessive love for classic cars, but many may not know that he has a great blog where he shares his experiences with restoration, tips and his charming brand of wit. An absolute must-read for car lovers.

Save the Enzos

Save the Enzos is a stylish collection of memorabilia, commentary and videos from the golden age of classic cars. This blog has great eye candy for classic car lovers.


This blog focuses on humor and viral videos related to cars, featuring test drives gone hilariously wrong and souped-up vehicles that defy logic.

Station Wagon Finder

This blog is a great reference for those interested in buying a classic station wagon through the internet. With insightful write-ups and plenty of photos, it’s a solid resource for those shopping for a new classic car.

The Truth About Cars

The Truth About Cars delivers reviews of products, tips and advice and editorials that cover the whole breadth of the automotive industry. It’s great for a broad view on trends in the market.

Classic Cars Today Online

This site takes a broad look at classic cars, including car ads, driver seat videos and even original, user-generated humorous commentary.

Collectible Automobile Magazine’s Facebook Page

Although not technically a blog, this page gets updated regularly with knowledgeable user-generated content in the form of great, insightful comments. There’s also lush photo spreads.

Hemmings Daily

The blog at Hemmings Daily has classifieds for those seeking to buy a car from a reputable dealer, as well as vehicle reviews and valuation. Get a new ride, slap on a Scion TC lip kit to upgrade it even more, and you’re good to go.

How Stuff Works

In addition to being a great source of information on general topics, How Stuff Works takes a witty look at automobile troubleshooting, and can definitely be educational for novice auto enthusiasts.

Motor Trend Classic

Get in-depth road tests and well-informed write-ups sponsored by Motor Trend, a leading publication in the auto industry with tons of experience and resources in the field.

Bonus # 11 -- All-Fit Automotive’s Blog

Of course, you’ll also want to check back in regularly here at All-Fit Automotive for great info and deals on high quality accessories. Whether you need a Scion TC lip kit or are just looking to keep up on the latest automotive trends, you’ll find it all right here.

Until next time, drive safe!